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Below are some of the services offered:
  1. Kitchen Remodeling
    Remove and Install new Cabinets Replace Counter tops Install Tile, Hardwood, Porcelain, and Marble Flooring Install Trim (base, crown, cabinets, etc.) Install Lighting Fixtures Remove wall to make open floor plans.
  2. Bathroom Remodeling
    Replace and Install new Vanities Install Tile Flooring and Walls Replace new Tubs and Toilets and install new ones Install Light fixtures
  3. Window and Door Installation
    Remove and Install new Windows and Doors that provide better thermal regulation Install Sliding Glass Doors
  4. Water Repair Damage
    Remove damaged material Repair ceilings, walls, and flooring
  5. Basement Finishing
    Make that Man-cave or Game room Install proper Insulation, Walls, and Flooring Add Lighting Fixtures
  6. Drywall
    Install new walls and ceilings